Is Study Material Enough For Intermediate?

How do you study for an intermediate?

Know the syllabus, prepare study plan; collect relevant material, books.

In order to prepare for the CA Intermediate exams properly, aspirants should first know the entire syllabus and create a study plan accordingly to cover the same on time..

Is it easy to clear CA Foundation?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) holds the CA Foundation course exams on bi-annual bases. Not only has the gradation become more lenient with time but also proper preparation and smart planning makes it possible to clear the CA Foundation in the First Attempt. …

Is CA Inter difficult?

CA Intermediate Result. ICAI declared the CA Intermediate course Result two months after the Examination. … Students can apply for the CA Final Registration and can start their CA Articleship training. But students Intermediate is not easy to crack. As everybody knows that entry in this course is easy but difficult.

Which is the toughest subject in CA Intermediate?

Although it’s a subjective question, but from a general point of view- Audit and EISSM form the toughest subjects in CA inter since EISSM is very vast and many things are technical too. Also ,the examiner wants you to present such bookish high level words in the paper .

Can we pass CA in first attempt?

Even for CA preparation, aspirants must start exam preparation by going through the entire syllabus and creating a proper study plan, covering all the topics. They should adhere to their study plan without fail. The aspirants also need to set daily, weekly, monthly and long-term study goals to prepare well.

Why is CA exam tough?

Every step in CA is a challenge starting from CA Foundation to CA Final. The things which makes this course tough is its vast syllabus, in-depth knowledge of every subject, duration and of course some facepalm moments which every CA student have to face while completing this course.

How many attempts CA Foundation?

six attemptsCA Foundation 2020 Registration Last Dates The registration for the CA Foundation course will be valid for three years i.e. up to six attempts. Even after three years, you can revalidate your registration for a further three years by depositing Rs 300/- as revalidation fees.

Can CA intermediate pass without coaching?

Of course you can! CA is a correspondence course, in which the Institute gives you all the sufficient study material and other resources required to understand all the subjects, practice and pass the exam.

Is 3 months enough for CA Foundation?

A : CA Foundation is the ideal time to start 3 months before the exam, according to the syllabus and level of knowledge to pass the exam. … A : The CA Foundation is not a difficult course if you can devote 5-6 hours to your studies on a daily basis. Many topics, you have already revised.

How many hours should I study for CA?

1. You should Study Daily. From the beginning, study at-least two hours daily, if you want success in IPCC exam and try to cover two subjects; first is theory & second is practical. To be successful, it is compulsory that you should study daily.

Which group is easy in CA Intermediate?

Start with the Accounting Standards as they are much easy compared to other topics and also very much scoring. At the Intermediate level, they will cover around 20 marks paper. From the above AS – 7, 9, 20, 26 are easiest.

How should I start preparing for CA?

Take up at least three mock papers in self-study mode. Doing previous three years papers would be most appropriate exercise to know the ca exam pattern. This will help you know which areas are to be focused more and what questions and areas one should prepare first than others according to their weightage.

Which book is best for CA Foundation?

Best CA Foundation Books To Start Your PreparationFundamentals of Accounting for CA – CPT by P.C Tulsian and Bharat Tulsian.CPT Grewal’s Accountancy by M.P Gupta & B.M Aggarwal.Fundamentals of Accounting by D.G Sharma.Padhuka Basics of Accounting for CA CPT by G. … General Economics by S.K.Agarwal.

Can I clear IPCC in 3 months?

So we have sufficient time for exam preparation. ICAI already had declared CA IPCC results of May 2018. … Just follow this study plan, you can crack your CA IPCC exam in your 1st attempt easily. You can adjust this study plan from 3 months to 2 months.

Is CA tough for an average student?

Yes, an average student can surely study CA, Not only an average a below average student can also pursue CA. Tough and easy are all mind games if you can control your mind then for you my friend nothing is tough in this whole world .

Is 5 Months enough for CA final?

The study leave of 5 months is quite more than sufficient to complete the study of both groups of CA final. You can complete the study of notes of your classes, practice manual and also you can solve papers. If you plan in a very strategic and good manner you can complete three readings of your subjects.

How difficult is ca foundation?

CA Foundation will be going to be a bitter tough than the CPT. … To appear in the CA Foundation examinations one has to pass 10+2 examinations. To pass the entrance test of the toughest course you must be fully dedicated towards your studies.

What is the success rate of CA?

5.75%According to the latest ICAI results, the success rate for the CA finals exam has dropped by 2.45% – from 8.25% in May 2015 to 5.75% in November 2015. However, there is no upper age limit for taking admission in Chartered Accountancy course or clearing it.