Question: How Do I Sync My Iphone With InReach?

How do I sync my contacts to my Garmin inReach mini?

Adding contacts to your inReach account and syncing them to the inReach device and Earthmate app allows for composing messages faster.Log in at the Garmin Explore Website.

Select Contacts.Select Add.Enter the contact’s information.

Select Done.Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each contact to be added.More items….

Does Garmin have a monthly fee?

The short answer is no, there is not a fee to use a Garmin GPS. That is, once you buy a Garmin, there’s no recurring fee to use the device. You plug it in and use it. But if you want certain services, such as traffic or map updates, that go beyond the basic mapping features, you might have to pay a fee.

What is Earthmate app?

Earthmate® Extends the Power of inReach to Your Mobile Phone Use your phone’s GPS capabilities to determine your current location, navigate a route, find a waypoint, track your progress, view trip statistics, save your trip maps and data with unlimited cloud storage and more.

How do you send a message between inReach devices?

Sending a Message through the inReach MapShareVisit the MapShare page for the inReach device to be messaged.Select the inReach device to be messaged.Click Message.In the Send Message window enter your e-mail address or phone number and message.Click Send.More items…

How do I add contacts to my Garmin 66i?

Manually Entering ContactsAccess the Main Menu. GPSMAP 66i/86i/86sci users: Press Menu twice. Montana 700i/750i users: Select.Select Setup.Select Contacts. GPSMAP 66i/86i/86sci users: If you do not see Contacts, ensure your device is up to date first. … Select New Contact.Fill in the fields.Select Save.

How do I sync my inReach?

On your Android device: Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Bluetooth Settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Select Scan Devices and choose inReach Explorer from the Bluetooth Devices list. Your inReach notifies you when it has successfully paired with your mobile device.

How do I update inReach firmware?

Installing the inReach Sync ProgramLocate and run the downloaded file.Follow the on-screen installation steps.Launch inReach Sync.Plug in your inReach SE+ or inReach Explorer+Turn on the inReach.Wait for inReach Sync to apply updates.

How do I reset inReach Explorer?

Performing a Factory Reset on the inReach SE or ExplorerTurn on the inReach.Select Settings.Select Restore Factory Settings.Select Reset.The inReach will reset and reboot to the activation page. Hold down the Power button to power down the device.

How do I reset my inReach se?

Resetting an inReach SE or inReach ExplorerPower off the inReach.Press and hold down the X, Check, and Down button on the directional pad simultaneously.The device will power on into Firmware Update Mode.Slide the SOS slider at the bottom of the inReach to the UNLOCKED position.Press and hold the SOS button.More items…

How do I sync my Garmin mini?

Pairing Your Mobile DeviceFrom the app store on your mobile device, install and open the Earthmate® app.Place the inReach device and your mobile device within 3 m (10 ft.) of each other.From the main menu, select Setup > Bluetooth > Pair Device.Follow the instructions in the Earthmate app to complete the pairing and setup process.

How do you add contacts to Instagram?

Connect contactsGo to your profile and tap .Tap Discover People.Next to Connect Contacts, tap Connect > Allow Access.Tap Follow next to the people you’d like to follow.

Can Garmin inReach communicate with each other?

If you have an inReach device, you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address as the recipient. Each inReach user is assigned a unique inReach address ( at the moment the account is created.

Which is better spot or inReach?

The Spot X Bluetooth annual plans offer better value for money than the equivalent inReach plans, being around 17% cheaper for the Basic and Advanced plan and around 38% cheaper on the highest tracking-interval plan.

What is my inReach address?

Every inReach user account is assigned a unique inReach address for inReach-to-inReach messaging. If you have an inReach device you can send a message from your inReach to another inReach by using the inReach address for the recipient. An example inReach address is

Which Garmin inReach should I buy?

The Explorer Plus is easily the better overall device, but if size and weight are at a premium, the inReach Mini is your best bet.

How do I sync my Garmin inReach Explorer?

Plug the inReach into the computer.Launch inReach Sync from the computer. Optional: Login if requested. Use the same email and password the device is associated with. … inReach Sync will automatically detect your inReach and begin syncing.Close inReach Sync when the sync completes.

What is the difference between inReach SE and explorer?

Garmin sells two flavors of the InReach, and here’s the difference. The SE has all the core functions including SOS and two-way texting. The Explorer, which costs about $50 more, adds topo maps, a built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer.

How do I connect my Garmin inReach to my phone?

To Pair an inReach SE or inReach Explorer to Android From the home page select Settings and press the Enter/Check button on the inReach. Select Bluetooth and press the Enter/Check button. Select Pair inReach and press the Enter/Check button. On the Android device, open Settings .

How much is Garmin inReach subscription?

Select and Activate a PlanSafetyRecreationSOSUnlimitedUnlimitedAnnual Plans$11.95/mo$24.95/moFreedom Plans$14.95/mo$34.95/moOverage Charges10 more rows