Question: Shall Remain In Force Meaning?

What does in truth mean?


You say in truth in order to indicate that you are giving your honest opinion about something.

In truth, we were both unhappy.

Synonyms: actually, really, in fact, in reality More Synonyms of in truth..

How do you spell enforce?

Enforce (pronounced “en-forss”) is a verb. It means to execute actions needed to uphold rules and laws. In the US, police are collectively called “law enforcement officers (sometimes abbreviated L-E-Os.) Enforcement is the noun version of enforce.

Is it reinforce or reenforce?

verb (used with object), noun re·en·forced, re·en·forc·ing, a variant of reinforce.

What is a sentence for enforce?

Enforce sentence examples. All attempts to enforce the British commercial regulations were ineffectual. According to law military service is obligatory, but the government has been unable to enforce it. The treasury was empty, the Boers refused to pay their taxes, and there was no power to enforce them.

What is policy in force means?

In the most basic terms, “in force” means that a life insurance policy has been paid and that it is active. As long as you continue to pay the premiums, your life insurance policy will remain “in force”. If, for any reason, you do not pay the premiums on your life insurance, your policy will fail to be “in force”.

What does full force and effect mean?

Legal Definition of force and effect : legal efficacy have the force and effect of a formal acceptance — Louisiana Civil Code.

Will remain in effect meaning?

phrase. If a law or policy takes effect or comes into effect at a particular time, it officially begins to apply or be valid from that time. If it remains in effect, it still applies or is still valid.

Is it in effect or affect now?

effect. Affect is usually a verb, and it means to impact or change. Effect is usually a noun, an effect is the result of a change. … Now that the basics are out of the way, the time has come to learn the intricacies of how to use affect and effect effectively.

What is the meaning of inforce?

valid, working, current, effectivephrase. A law, rule, or system that is in force exists or is being used. Although the new tax is already in force, you have until November to lodge an appeal. Synonyms: valid, working, current, effective More Synonyms of in force. See full dictionary entry for force.

What is in force premium?

premiums in force. [P115] premiums in force. A figure in the standard form of the annual financial report of an insurance company, representing the initial premium on all policies which have not expired or been canceled, for example, those which are still in force.

What does full effect mean?

Definition (expr.) extreme; intense. Examples My mother’s anger was in full effect when she learned that I had crashed the car.

What is in force illustration on life insurance policy?

What Is An Inforce Illustration? An inforce illustration projects the current costs of your life insurance policy from lapsing. Every year more seniors realize the benefit of exploring a life settlement to get an immediate benefit from an unneeded life insurance policy.

Are in full force?

Prepositional phrase in full force. (idiomatic) totally; fully; completely quotations ▼

What is risk in force?

Share. View. Risk in Force means as of a particular date, the aggregate dollar amount of each insured mortgage loan’s principal balance at such date multiplied by the insurance coverage percentage specified in the policy.

What is the meaning of in effect?

phrase. You add in effect to a statement or opinion that is not precisely accurate, but that you feel is a reasonable description or summary of a particular situation. [vagueness]

What is the difference between enforce and inforce?

There is no such word as “inforce.” If someone wrote “inforce,” it’s probably because he heard someone pronounce “enforce” but never saw that word in print. … Therefore, when he wrote the word, he guessed the spelling wrong, and it came out as “inforce” instead of “enforce.”

What is paid up policy?

A life insurance policy in which if all the premium payments are complete and the insured is free of all payment obligations, the policy stays intact until insured’s death or termination of the policy is called paid-up policy.

Is in full swing?

at a stage when the level of activity is at its highest: When we got there, the party was in full swing. The economic recovery is now in full swing.