Quick Answer: Is YouTube Premium Free For A Month?

How much is the YouTube family plan?

You can also sign up for a family plan, which costs $18 a month and lets you share access with five other family members.

Students can subscribe to YouTube Premium for $7, although they’ll need to verify their student status once a year..

What are the perks of YouTube premium?

With YouTube Music Premium, you can:Enjoy millions of songs and videos in YouTube Music without ads.Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening.Use background play to keep your music playing while you use other apps.Turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.

Can you get a free trial of YouTube premium?

1-month free trial. Then $6.99/month Eligible students only. Annual verification required. Ad-free & background play Watch videos uninterrupted by ads, while using other apps, or when the screen is locked.

How can I get YouTube Premium for free for 3 months?

How to get your 3 months free:Click the link below.Click ‘try it free’ and sign in – if you’re already logged in, make sure you’re logged in to YouTube with the same account as your Google One account.Once you’re signed in, the page will change from 1 month free to 3 months free.Sign up & enjoy!More items…•

Is it worth it to get YouTube premium?

YouTube Premium actually offers a lot for $12 per month, but it’s only worth it if you’re going to use all of those features. The only situation where I can solidly say Yes to YouTube Premium is if you’re already paying for an All Access subscription to Google Play Music.

Can you cancel YouTube premium after free trial?

The Youtube app will show you your current subscriptions. Select “Music,” and then select “Manage.” 5. If you’re on an Android, you’ll be asked if you want to pause, and then you’ll be able to confirm that you want to cancel your account.

How do I pay for YouTube Premium with Google?

Open Youtube premium options and while activating the subscription use the payment method as google pay. 7. Voila there you got your Premium Account Activated.

What is the difference between YouTube red and premium?

YouTube Red is an all in one subscription service for YouTube. You get access to ad-free videos, offline downloads, YouTube Music features, background listening and a selection of original content from YouTube. … This is a good deal because YouTube Red costs $9.99/month while YouTube Premium will be $11.99/month.

How do I redeem my YouTube premium for free?

How to redeem your YouTube Premium trialComplete your purchase.Open YouTube App. Go to Account and Sign in.Go to “Get YouTube Premium”Click on “TRY IT FREE”Complete your purchase.Open YouTube App. Go to Account and Sign in. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW.

How do you get free premium for 6 months on YouTube?

Get YouTube Premium membership free for 6 months – Here’s what you need to doLog on to Flipkart. … Select Flipkart Zone and go to the Claim Exclusive Reward section.Under the Exclusive Reward section, you will see YouTube Premium Reward which will cost you 150 Super Coins.Choose the offer and you will receive a voucher.More items…•

How much is YouTube a month?

Heard about YouTube Premium (formerly called YouTube Red), but wondering if the $11.99 per month subscription is worth it? Well, I’d argue that it gives you the best version of the streaming service.

How much money is YouTube worth?

More than a decade after acquiring YouTube, Google is finally giving investors some information on how much revenue the video platform makes: a whopping $15 billion in advertising alone. Except, it’s not actually $15 billion.

How can I get free YouTube subscribers?

How to get free YouTube subscribers: 17 tipsAsk your viewers to subscribe. … End your videos by mentioning the one you’re working on next. … Interact with your audience and make friends. … Update your channel art. … Brand your thumbnails. … Embed your videos on your website or blog. … Use YouTube’s clickable tools in your videos.More items…•