Quick Answer: Which Country Has +4 Code?

What is the code of all country?

Country CodesCOUNTRYCOUNTRY CODEAREA KM2Algeria2132,381,740American Samoa1-684199Andorra376468Angola2441,246,70079 more rows.

Which country’s code is 00965?

Telephone numbers in KuwaitLocationTypeclosedAccess codesCountry calling code+965International call prefix003 more rows

Which country has +35 code?

International Dialing CodeSerial No.Country NameDialing Codes3ALBANIA3554ALGERIA2135AMERICAN SAMOA1-6846ANDORRA376160 more rows

Which country has +14 code?

International Phone CodesCountryOverseas CodesHours difference from EST (1)Korea (North)850+14Korea (South)82+14Kuwait965+8Laos856+12161 more rows

What is the code number of Kuwait?

+965Kuwait/Dialing codes

How safe is Kuwait?

Kuwait is a safe place to travel to, the crime rates are fairly low and the possibilities of foreigners being harmed in any way or attacked are highly unlikely. However, what makes Kuwait a country with a reputation of being unsafe is terrorism risks.

Which country has +71 code?

AfghanistanInternational prefixes tableCountry or unrecognized territoryInterna- tional Calling CodeMobile PrefixAfghanistan+9370717273165 more rows

Which country has +1 phone code?

United StatesMember countries of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) are assigned three-digit area codes under the common country prefix 1, shown in the format +1 XXX. +1 – United States, including United States territories: +1 340 – United States Virgin Islands.

Which country has +19 code?

Direct distance dialing (DDD) codes to use when calling other Brazilian citiesCitiesDialing area codeCampinas19Salvador71Recife81Florianópolis485 more rows•Jan 27, 2020

How do I call Kuwait from India?

To call Kuwait from India, dial: 00 – 965 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 965 – 8 Digit Mobile Number00 – Exit code for India, and is needed for making any international call from India.965 – ISD Code or Country Code of Kuwait.Area code – There are 87 area codes in Kuwait.

Which country has +18 code?

Country calling codesCalling codeCountry or territoryExit Prefix (IDD)358 18Aland Islands (Finland)00355Albania00213Algeria001 684American Samoa (USA)011126 more rows

Which country uses +131?

Canada+131 Country: Canada.