What Is The Meaning Of Nook?

What is the nook in a house?



The definition of a nook is a part of a room which is separate from the rest of the room, or a secluded spot.

An example of a nook is a closed-in space for eating breakfast, a “breakfast nook.” An example of a nook is a quiet place for reading..

What does nook mean in slang?

Definition of nook short for nookie (sex). We went out last night, got a little nook.

What is the meaning of nook and corner?

Everywhere, as in I’ve searched for it in every nook and cranny, and I still can’t find it. This metaphoric idiom pairs nook, which has meant “an out-of-the-way corner” since the mid-1300s, with cranny, which has meant “a crack or crevice” since about 1440.

What is another word for Nook?

What is another word for nook?cubiclecompartmentreceptacleclosetpocketplaceholecrannyhutkiosk20 more rows

What is a cozy nook?

Cozy nooks provide a break from the “usual”. It becomes a special place for you to escape to that allows you to relax with a book or bowl of ice-cream or just your thoughts.

Where did the term nooks and crannies come from?

The idiom originated in the 14th century and it combines ‘nook’, being used from mid-1300s which means – a distant corner, with ‘cranny’ in usage since 1440 which means – a crack or gap.

How do you use nook in a sentence?

Nook in a Sentence 🔉They searched in every nook and cranny for her missing diamond ring, without success. … Pat and I found a shady nook at the edge of the park that was a perfect spot for a picnic. … Although I found a quiet nook in the corner of the library, I was too distracted to read.More items…

Why is it called a Nook?

Naming. The Nook name and identity was devised and created by the Brand Development Group at R/GA. Nook was initially rejected as a name by Barnes & Noble but eventually the connection to a nook being a familiar place to read was compelling enough to change the minds of the company’s executives.

How do you spell Nook?

Correct spelling for the English word “nook” is [nˈʊk], [nˈʊk], [n_ˈʊ_k] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is a Snuggery?

noun, plural snug·ger·ies. a snug place or position. a comfortable or cozy room.

What can I do with a Windows Nook?

Adding features like bookshelves, reading lights and comfortable cushions means that a window nook can be used all year long. Window nooks that take advantage of unused corners of the living room, for example, can also provide additional seating when entertaining.

How do I decorate my breakfast nook?

To make the most of your kitchen nook, consider adding a banquette, which is ideal for families and children. Then choose bright upholstery or dynamic art to help separate the space from the rest of the room, creating the illusion of a designated area for a leisurely brunch or dinner.

What does Noob mean?

newbiea newbie, especially a person who is new to an online community and whose online participation and interactions display a lack of skill or knowledge: Some games and gaming forums are crawling with annoying noobs.

What is part and parcel?

An essential or basic element, as in Traveling is part and parcel of Zach’s job. Used since the 15th century as a legal term, with part meaning “a portion” and parcel “something integral with a whole,” this idiom began to be used more loosely from about 1800.

What is breakfast nook meaning?

light meals: a nook often with built-in table and seats for light meals.

What does alcove mean?

noun. a recess or small room adjacent to or opening out of a room: a dining alcove. a recess in a room for a bed, bookcases, or the like. any recessed space, as a bower in a garden.

What is meant by one dimensional?

having one dimension only. having no depth or scope: a novel with one-dimensional characters.

What can I do with a small nook?

Find creative uses for those cozy spots next to a window, behind a wall or under the stairsBreakfast Nook. When you don’t have enough room for a table and chairs, save space by creating a breakfast nook in a corner. … Library. … Laundry Room. … Office. … Play. … Pet. … Fireplace. … TV.More items…•

What is another name for a breakfast nook?

What is another word for breakfast nook?dining roomdinetteeating placesalle a manger

What crook means?

a dishonest person, especially a sharper, swindler, or thief. a bend, turn, or curve: a crook in the road. the act of crooking or bending. a pothook.

What’s the difference between a nook and a cranny?

1)A “nook” is a corner or a small, partially enclosed area of a larger room. A “cranny” is a crack or a crevice. 2)A nook is a sheltered and secluded place. 3)A nook is a recess esp.