What Is The Smallest Number Of 5 Digits?

What is the smallest five digit number?

10000The smallest five-digit number = 10000..

How many 5 digits numbers are there?

The largest 5 digit number is 99999. 99999 minus 10000 is 89999, but since you have a zero-based count, you have to add 1. That means there are a total of 90,000 different 5 digit numbers. Hence, there are 90,000 5-digit numbers.

Which is largest 5 digit number?

99999The smallest 5 -digit number is 10000, while the largest 5 -digit number is 99999.

What is the difference between the largest number of four digit and the smallest number of 6 digit?

Smallest 6 digit number- 100000. The difference is 9999- 1,00,000 is – 90001.

What is greatest number and smallest number?

We know that a four digit number has four places, i.e., thousands, hundreds, tens and ones or units from left to right as Th, H, T, O. If greatest to lowest digits are placed at these places in descending order, we get the greatest number and if placed in ascending order, we get the smallest number.

What is the smallest digit number?

The smallest one-digit number is 1 (one) and greatest one-digit number is 9. All the digits become numbers when used as a number. (ii) There are 90 numbers of two digits. The smallest two-digit number is 10 and greatest two-digit number is 99.

What will be the smallest 5 digit number having five different digits?

10234The smallest possible five-digit number, whose digits are all different, is 10234.

Which is the 6 digit smallest number?

100000So, the smallest six digit number is 100000.

What is the 7 digit smallest number?

1000000The smallest 7-digit number is 1000000.

How many numbers exactly have 6 digits?

By using the formula for nth term of an A.P. Here d is equal to 1(common difference between the two consecutive terms of an A. P.) So there are 9*10^5 six digit numbers.

What is largest 4 digit number?

9999The greatest 4-digit number = 9999.

What is the greatest number of 6 digit?

999,999The largest (decimal) 6 digit number is obviously 999,999, and the smallest is 100,000, you should be able to make up the difference by yourself.