Why Do Opposites Attract And Likes Repel?

Which law states that unlike charges attract?

law Coulomb’s lawThe law.

Coulomb’s law states that: The magnitude of the electrostatic force of attraction or repulsion between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of the magnitudes of charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them..

Why do like charges repel and unlike attract?

Like charges repel, unlike charges attract Since the electron is much smaller and lighter than a proton, when they are attracted to each other due to their unlike charges, the electron usually does most of the moving. This is because the protons have more mass and are harder to get moving.

Why Do opposites attract?

Opposites Attract We are naturally attracted to individuals who are different from ourselves – and therefore somewhat exciting. … We naturally are drawn towards individuals who have strengths which we are missing. When two opposites function as a couple, they become a more well-rounded, functioning unit.

Do opposite charges attract or repel?

Opposite charges attract each other (negative to positive). Like charges repel each other (positive to positive or negative to negative). Most of the time positive and negative charges are balanced in an object, which makes that object neutral.

Does like attract like or do opposites attract?

“Likes” may attract better than “opposites” when it comes to settling down and finding a mate, since people subconsciously seek out mates who have similar traits as themselves.

Can 2 like charges attract each other?

Yes, this is possible. But as we know that like charged body repels each other whereas unlike charged body attracts attracts each other is not false. There is only one one case when like charged body attract each other. … induced charge on the other exceeds the force of repulsion between q 1 and q 2 .